Originally from Guyana, South America, my family moved to Pittsburgh in the 80’s and I’ve lived there ever since. At the age of 19, I started my first business called MyStyle, offering image consulting, styling and personal shopping services. I began my professional career working for a world renowned luxury retailer managing markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, specializing in Sales, Service, Community Outreach and Events as well as Corporate Training throughout the US. In 2011, I started my second company, Straightforward Consulting, offering HR and Business Development services to small businesses, startups and nonprofit organizations. In 2012, I found that I enjoyed telling my story and began blogging to share my knowledge and experiences of business, family, and everything else.

In 2014 I founded the social enterprise, Barrels to Beethoven an organization dedicated to steelpan preservation, education, and innovation.

I am a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother of three young girls. I’m all about family, community, and giving. I’m living a blessed and fulfilling life… by design.

life, by design

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