Celebrating Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Any holiday that celebrates love with chocolate and flowers works for me. Depending on where you are in your life this day may look different, but  no matter who you are or where you are in your life, you can still celebrate.


For The Kids

Most children have Valentine’s Day celebrations at school. Instead of buying treats or pre-made Valentine cards, I have my girls create treat packages for their classmates. It allows them to not only be creative, but add a personal touch, which is the best part of giving someone a special gift. Also, don’t forget the teacher, a special teacher deserves a special treat! We’re giving our special teachers triple layer chocolate macaroons from my new favorite bakery, Gaby et Jules, bravo!

For The Family

In the past we’ve celebrated two ways. I sometimes host a Valentine’s Day sleepover with my girls and my nieces. Usually the day before. Last year my oldest also invited a friend. They loved it! We had a great time playing games, watching movies and of course waffles (with fresh strawberries and whipped cream) in the morning. On Valentine’s Day, for dinner, my husband (who is an amazing chef) makes me and the girls an amazing “fancy” dinner, as my girls say. Last year we enjoyed filet mignon at our beautifully decorated dining room table.

This year we’re hosting a Valentine’s Day Family Dance party. We’ve invited other families to celebrate and dance with us. My girls really wanted to have a party and we love to dance. It’s going to be a very fun evening.

 For Your Partner

Just because there’s no date doesn’t mean my husband I don’t celebrate one another. My advice is to do something small but special. Although, I will never tell you not to, love does not require grand gestures. I absolutely love flowers so a beautiful bouquet usually gets me. If you know your partner well, it should be easy. This year, I may just need a day to sleep in and relax. Do you think my husband reads my blog? A surprise weekend trip, beautiful piece of jewelry, dinner at a fabulous new restaurant whatever you choose, think more of your partner than yourself.

 For Your Friends

Host a dinner party. Who doesn’t love an amazing dinner party? Champagne, beautiful décor, a lovely centerpiece and a great soundtrack in the background of wonderful conversation. Treat your friends to an amazing evening.


A night on the town. When in doubt go dancing! There’s nothing can can keep me off the dance floor, except a bad DJ. Take your best buds out for a night on the town. Dress up and get down (was that corny?) and enjoy the evening with your friends.

Whatever you do, take the time to celebrate the people you love and enjoy this day dedicated to love.