Spring is in the Air…Six Little Things I Do to Prepare

flowers (2)

Fill my home with fresh flowers weekly. Although this is a year round tradition for me. If you don’t currently have fresh flowers or plants in your home, add some. Even better than picking out the pre-made bouquet from the grocery store collection is thinking about your home décor and personality and creating your own. Although I love walking into every room and seeing fresh flowers, what I love even more is creating the floral arrangement.

Add a few bright colors to your wardrobe. Once Valentine’s Day rolls around I start to slowly incorporate brighter colors into my wardrobe. Instead of tees and tanks like in summer, I start with the brightest colors in my favorite cashmere.

Add some more workouts to my schedule. Now, if you’re already an overachieving exercise regular, I’m not talking to you. However, if you’re like me and your workouts are a little more sporadic than you’d like, then make the commitment to yourself to adding a few more workouts or being a little more consistent. You don’t want to wait until your kids are crying to go to the pool to think about hitting the gym. If you’re currently working out twice a week try four or five days. If you’re at zero…try one or two. Exercise, even just a short walk or run once or twice a week makes you feel good.

Take a regular activity outside. Whether it’s reading a book or working on the computer. Head to your deck, porch or a park. Even if you need a coat, get some fresh air.

Try something new. Take a writing class or try making pottery. I’ve done both and enjoy both. Spring is about renewal, growth, life. Get out and explore. Explore yourself and explore the world. Don’t do the same things this year you did last year. When it’s hard to motivate yourself, use the natural changes in our world as your motivation.

Plan something special with friends or family. A little gathering with light, bright décor and fresh dishes screams springtime. A lovely weekend brunch, fresh flowers and mimosas, that’s all you really need to get your mind and body focused on warmer temperatures and longer days. My birthday is around the corner, the perfect reason to plan a springtime celebration.

Whatever you do, as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, add a little something different to your life. I often think about my childhood, how happy I was when we could finally be outside again after a long winter. The wonderful feeling on the first sunny day that you were able to play outside. That feeling is my motivation. That joy is my strength. Happy Spring!