My Stylish Weekend…Planned

First of all, I can’t possibly discuss the remainder of the week and plans for the weekend without sharing details about the incredible night I had. Last night I was awarded with a Style Award for “Best Dressed.” This award is given to an individual with a successful career who is involved in the community but known for their personal style. It was a true honor to receive that award and the recognition that followed. The room was filled with artists and entrepreneurs doing incredible and impactful work, I was happy to be a part of it. And, although the thought of receiving an award for something like best dressed seemed strange (I was a little embarrassed by the whole thing) my friends and family, along with the some of the other nominees and guests at the ceremony, ensured me that through my work and community involvement, I am making a significant impact and for that, I should be proud. Which, I am. I only remember a few words of my speech, but I do know I spoke in the moment and from the heart, I received many compliments for my speech and even more for my lovely companion, my daughter Sofia who held my hand as I accepted the award.

The Style Awards take place during Style Week Pittsburgh. An annual event, now in it’s third year, Style Week Pittsburgh, celebrates fashion, business and the arts through various events and gatherings. This year, I was not only nominated for a Style Award, I am also supporting the event as a Style Week Pittsburgh Ambassador.



Friday brings another Style Week Pittsburgh event, Pinstripes and Pearls. As an Ambassador I try to attend and support all of the events. I’m especially looking forward to tonights event being held at Luxe, a beautiful luxury kitchen and bath showroom in East Liberty. My husband is also the DJ for this event, which always makes for a good time.


This Saturday I’m taking time for family. The ladies will all gather to celebrate my niece who is expecting her first child. I’m honored the girls and I get to take part in such a special and momentous occasion.  Saturday evening is back to work, preparing for an event Sunday, a workshop next week, completing proposals and finalizing business plans for the fall and winter.



I am looking forward to the closing event for Style Week Pittsburgh, Brunch En Blanc. I’m hosting this event at my gallery and looking forward to guests mingling in this space. The current exhibition is Moving Language work by my friend and fellow Style Award Nominee for “Best Artist”, Sarah Zeffiro. The event will also feature hat designer Gina Mazzotta, a very talented milliner and…a former steelpan player, you know I love that!


All in all this will be a busy weekend to complete an extremely busy and emotional week. Alongside all of the exciting events and business ventures occurring, this week I also learned a lot about human behavior. I learned people are not always grateful and humbled by my kindness and support and although I dedicate time to support them with their goals, is it not always appreciated and I may be hurt in the process. I also learned that my children are not as important to the some friends and family members as I thought, or maybe hoped. And, although I love them more than I can explain, my girls can be easily disregarded and left out without any hesitation or remorse by those who should love them. 

Those two lessons alone were a lot for me to absorb. It’s hard to imagine that when you give your love, support or time to someone that they will turn around so quickly and insult you with their awful behavior. Sometimes, with complete disregard for you or those close to you. I won’t say these experiences don’t hurt me, because they do, but I do always try to stay positive. For me, it’s not only the act that hurts, it’s also the realization that people behave so badly, even when showered with kindness. I believe that ultimately, we are all good and we all want to do good things. Sometimes we make mistakes, but there is a deeper commitment to, and need for, care and concern for others. Right? I pray that I am right. 

So, for the sake of all, especially the young people watching and learning from us, let’s all try a little bit harder to change our bad traits and do better. If you cheat others, stop. If you’re inconsiderate, find ways to show others they matter to you. If you lie, begin to tell the truth, start with yourself. And, if and when you do wrong, recognize it and do what’s right. I’ve never been afraid of change and I know with the help of God, my faults today will not be my faults tomorrow. It takes honesty with yourself and lots hardwork, but, taking the path of self improvement is an exceptional journey where you will receive as much if not more than you give. 

Be kind to yourself and one another.