6 (Stolen) Words of Wisdom for 2016

I am a person with great self confidence, but I’m also very self aware. I want to be my best self and everyday I learn and grow. I consider myself smart enough to know that I am not done learning and strong enough to understand I can be better. Once you’re open to self improvement and growth, you find that there are lessons everywhere. Whether it’s a story in the newspaper or a blog, whether it’s taught by a scholar or you learn from a friend. The lessons are everywhere. You just have to listen and give others your respect and attention. 

So, what words of wisdom am I carrying into 2016?  

1. “Don’t tell them, show them” – Sarah Zeffiro, Artist

Sometimes people just cannot understand what they do not know or have never seen. 

2. “Those who know better, should do better and sometimes, will suffer more for it” – Marilyn Solomon, My Mother

3. “Always try to believe in everything and everyone, even if it seems hard” – Stella Pugliano, 8

4. “We are all more connected than we think” – Cara Bessko, Yoga Instructor

5. “When we give our money to a cause or to help someone, our time, or our talents, we give gold. Like the wisemen gave to Jesus” – Father Tony, Pastor

6. “My God loves me, my God loves you” -David Pugliano 

Treat others well, no matter what, because they are also children of God. But also remember others must treat you well because you are a child a God. 

All of these quotes rang in my ears when I heard them and I’m using these words as I move into this new year. The only advice I would add, for now, is “start with family,” that’s where everything begins and ends. I wouldn’t do anything for a stranger that I would not do for my family. Once they are ok, I know I can move on. 

Happy New Year!