My Memorial Weekend…Planned


Today started out with my daughters preschool splash party. It was so wonderful to see the children having so much fun in the sun. I was a bit concerned when Cece did not want to get into the pool however, once she saw the fun being had by the other children, all fear and hesitations went away. Then she didn’t want to get out!

After that I’ll go to the office to finish some work before heading back to school. After school my girls will come back to the office to finish some work and lessons before heading home.



Before we do anything else on Saturday we’re making “big waffles” other wise know as Belgium waffles! This is my husbands specialty and the girls absolutely love them. We haven’t had a Saturday  morning at home in a really long time so we are taking full advantage of this opportunity. Big waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, with a side of bacon. Accompanied by a fabulous latte prepared by my husband David. Later, I’ll probably switch to a mimosa. Sounds like the perfect morning to me. Later we’ll do some yard work and cleaning. 

Saturday evening however  is strictly reserved for my David. Because he shares his birthday with our beautiful daughter, it’s never really about him. Which because he’s amazing, he’s totally ok with. This gives me an even greater reason to plan a special evening just to celebrate him.



In the morning we’ll head to mass. After church and lunch I have some work complete and I want to  rehearse so we’ll to our new space for a bit. Sunday evening we’ll be partying with the Puglianos! David’s parents have had a Pre-Memorial Day party every year for as long as I’ve known them (and decades prior to that) so we’ll spend the evening there catching up with family and eating some really good food. I’m also really glad I have a day without cooking or cleaning up.



We don’t have a plan for Monday yet. All we know is that we’ll all be together. It’s crazy how excited we get for days like this, but we do. Family time is precious time to us. We do a lot together but we also spend a lot of time apart. At work, at school, especially during the week. We really miss one another by the time the weekend comes around. We’re all extra thankful for an extra day to spend together.


All in All

It’s going to be a wonderful family weekend. In addition to spending time together, eating great food and celebrating. David and I always make sure to delve deeper into every holiday so our children understand the origin and what the day is really all about. While I’ve been having conversations with the girls this past week about Memorial Day, Soldiers and war, simply because the are just inquisitive, we will make sure to address the reason we celebrate with our girls on Monday. 

I want to make sure my girls don’t take things for granted and understand the reasons behind where we are and what we have, good and bad. American holidays actually make me grateful that I’m an immigrant. I know it’s sounds strange but I know many Americans that take this country and among other things for granted. Foreigners are so grateful to be here and for everything that we have.  We know that with hard work, anything is possible. We think big because being here is big. I love that I still believe that anything is possible. I’m blessed to believe I’m capable of rest things but still have gratitude for the work and sacrifice of those that have come before me. That confidence and gratitude are behind why I work so hard, driven to do well and dedicate time to help others . Their sacrifice cannot be in vain. No ones sacrifices should be. When you connect yourself to the world in that way you not only have a clearer vision for your place but you recognize what other give and have given. 

I know many people that believe they succeed on their own yet remove themselves from every failure and every bad thing that happens. It’s actually difficult for me to be around those people. If you’re great, then you have great impact on the good and great impact on the bad. It all starts with gratitude. 

Happy Memorial Day.