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be Moved, be Inspired


I first met artist Sarah Zeffiro by chance when she kindly attended the opening reception and launch of my organization, Barrels to Beethoven. Although we had never met, her spirit makes you feel as though you’ve known her for years. Our next close encounter was in December, her amazing artwork was the featured art in my pop up boutique. She spent a day with us in the boutique and during that time, I had the pleasure of getting to know her even better. Sarah doesn’t just tell you about herself and her art, she shares her inspiration and process.  She also wants to know about you and your experiences. It’s as if she absorbs the world around her and fully experiences every encounter she has the opportunity to be a part of.

Sarah approaches her art as a dancer approaches the stage, musically, rhythmically and sometimes a bit wild and unpredictable. She describes her creative process as being like a dance, moving around and on top of the work, swapping large brushes for small and charcoal for pastels, all while in motion.

Sarah’s new work, “Moving Language” opens on Saturday April 18th. This work blends space, lines, texture, dance and movement. I’m excited to be a part of this project and cannot wait to experience the final product.  SAVE THE DATE!

Moving Language

April 18th thru May 22nd  

fieldwork contemporary gallery

4925 penn avenue