My Weekend…Planned

Ready to go!
Ready to go!


Fridays are all about the weekend plans. After a busy week, the weekends can be even more hectic! My weekends aren’t all fun but they are always well planned and productive.


I’m working from home today, no meetings except with my husband who is both co-founder of my family and business ventures. My work day will end at 3:00pm to get the kids from school. No bussing and no after school program on Friday means we have to get our kids from separate schools, across the city, at the same time! On, Fridays I need my husbands help to accomplish this mission.

Most days, after school pick-up, homework and snacks, I continue to work until dinner, but not today! My oldest daughter is trying out for Broadway producers hoping to earn a role in Mary Poppins! She’s been working so hard and I am so proud and excited for her! Next up? Roller skating! Yay! My husband will be taking the girls roller skating while I catch up with a friend. She’s been travelling for a little while and we have a lot to discuss. We’ll happily do so over a glass of wine while enjoying some great live music.


I usually wake up at 5:45am or 6:00am. Make a cup of tea, straighten up the house and work for a bit before it’s time to get dressed and go. My oldest, has musical theatre from 9:00am to 1:00pm. I either drop her off and find a spot to get some work done or come back home  for laundry and more cleaning. My 7 year old, will start dance and art classes soon, I haven’t quite worked out that plan yet. Saturday afternoon is all about the girls and having lots of fun. This Saturday afternoon we’ll check out the new “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood” exhibit at the Heinz History Center. We are all huge Mr. Rogers fans, and I personally feel a special connection, having met Mr. Rodgers and appearing on the show as kid. My kids think that is a big deal!

Saturday evening we’ll prepare and eat dinner together at home, and enjoy an evening of music, dancing (laundry in between) and a movie.

Before heading to bed, I’ll press and prepare our clothes for church.


Sunday morning is all about Belgium waffles (with strawberries and whipped cream), the girls love my husband’s recipe. Then church, aka mission impossible. The goal every week still remains the same…to make it to church on time. It never gets easier! Going to church as a family is very important to us. Not only do I love mass but I love that hour with my family. The girls always squeeze together during mass. They hold our hands and show so much love and affection for one another. It’s a beautiful thing.

After church we’ll enjoy a nice quick lunch. After that it’s back to work for me. My husband will entertain the girls while I meet with a new client and prep for another meeting. Sunday evening I’ll prepare for the week. I review my work calendar, our family calendar and press the girls uniforms for the week.

The goal of a well planned out weekend is to make sure we get the important things done and still have some fun.  Even with so much to do, we stay flexible and down for whatever. We love spontaneous fun!