My Weekend…Planned


Fridays are all about the weekend plans. After a busy week, the weekends can be even more hectic! My weekends aren’t all fun but they are always well planned and productive.


This week was especially difficult. My daughter went through a terrifying experience at school so I’ve had to focus on her while still trying to handle clients and business. It’s been difficult. The morning will be focused around my do to list. A combination of tasks, both work and family related that I should have complete by noon. The afternoon will include; two interviews for clients, and details around an event I have planned for April as part of The Open Engagement Conference, an international conference being held in Pittsburgh for the first time. I’m super excited about this event and the artists I’m collaborating with.

I’m excited about the evening which includes the kick-off meeting for Style Week Pittsburgh, with the Founder and my fellow Style Week Ambassadors, followed by the arrival of my awesome sister in-law and her fiancé from California. A visit from them means a weekend of love, fun and laughter. I love when they visit especially to see how much they love and enjoy spending time my girls.


In addition to the usual, wake up early, clean laundry, work, and my daughter’s CLO Academy classes, this Saturday is also the most exciting day of the year! Well, for my father in-law anyway. We’re making soppressata! If you know me, then you know that soppressata has quickly become one of my favorite things to eat. First because it’s made by my husband and his family and second, because it’s so delicious. If you don’t know… A specialty of southern Italy, soppressata is a cured, dry sausage, made from cuts of pork coarsely pressed or ground and hung to dry for a few weeks. This time of year means Italians everywhere are making soppressata, capicola (which they also make and is delicious) and other cured delights. This day is so special for my husband, he loves tradition, we both do. This year will be even more special with my sister in-law and brother in-law joining us.

Saturday evening will consist of the traditional family dinner after the soppressata work is complete. After that, I’ll be off to a friends birthday celebration.


The first mission remains the same..MAKE IT TO CHURCH ON TIME! I know we can, I know we can. Then gathering with the Puglianos for another day of family fun. I always have to dedicate a few hours to work on Sundays, especially to prepare for the week. After that will be another family gathering for the Superbowl…wait whose playing?