Lent, A Time For Reflection and Change


As most people celebrated Mardi Gras last night I spent some time reflecting. To me the day before Ash Wednesday is more about what my journey through Lent will look like. Sometimes I “give up” something but most years I start something or change a behavior. I choose a behavior or path that will lead me to a better self at the end. I also take time to reflect on the journey Jesus took during this time. Keeping His journey top of mind, always reminds me that no matter what, my journey is easy.

I enjoy taking time to think about me. Not in a selfish way, but to determine how I can improve myself. Sometimes it can be confusing, on one hand I have an abundant amount of self-confidence and pride but on the other side, I am constantly trying to change. I am this way because I truly believe that, with the help of my faith, I can continue to develop and grow. The way I see it, is that when you love something, anything, especially yourself, you don’t leave it be, you take care of it. Your first home, you clean, paint, make updates and improvements, and you do this constantly not just once. If something breaks you fix it, you add, not take away. You don’t tell others you have a beautiful home, you do your best to make a beautiful home and constantly work to make it better. My constant need for self-improvement only adds to my self-worth. I am becoming more valuable.

There are plenty of people who compliment themselves, which is fine, but I encourage you to think about the compliments you receive from others, not the ones you give yourself. As a young girl, I realized this and work to be a better person. If you are constantly telling others that you’re kind. You’re telling yourself. The key is that others say you’re kind. Or whatever descriptions or personality traits you believe you portray. I think it’s truly important that we take time to examine ourselves. Who we think we are versus what others see. And, who we want to be versus who we are today. Don’t be afraid to focus on a shortcoming, or weakness. Change is difficult, any kind of change. Self-improvement is a very difficult form of change, but well worth it.

I absolutely love Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I live by this. If you truly believe the world needs more kindness, show more kindness. If you believe the world needs more empathy, be more empathetic to others. Be an activist and advocate for what you wish to see, be the example and put in the work.

Good luck on your journey.