My Weekend…Planned


Today is busy all day. From dentist appointments to parent teacher conferences to lots of work to finish for me. The evening will be a little sad. We’ll be saying goodbye to my aunt and grandmother visiting from Guyana. It’s been nice to walk into my parents house and see them. I love the conversations I had especially with my aunt and the wisdom of from grandmothers. Although I wish we could have done more with them, it was so nice to have more family around. 


In the morning we’ll be babysitting my in- laws new puppy, Dora. I know…me babysitting a puppy? Sounds crazy, especially since my fear of dogs is FOR REAL like some people fear heights. I try to be brave. Of course I’ll do anything for my in-laws and not only because they’re the ONLY people who watch our children. #NobodyBabysitsThreeKids

Saturday afternoon I’ll be working. We are literally up to our necks in work right now. Between Straightforward Consulting, Barrels to Beethoven, DJ illeso and Rhythm ‘n’ Steel and of course our children and home. We have a “to do” list that would bring some to tears. So spending a few hours checking off the list on Saturday afternoon is a must. The highlight? At least we’ll be together! 
Saturday evening will be unique and fun. At my daughters school the parents of each grade spend some time together (without the children) to get to know one another. So we’ll be spending the evening at the home of one of Cece’s classmates. A nice idea and a chance for us to get to know other families at our school. 


Sunday morning is back to our usual routine. The crazy summer had us really out of whack, but we’re back! Sunday morning will consist of church and brunch. Sunday evening will be another unique and fun event were headed to Monster Mash, Family Bash! A family friendly Halloween party at La Tavola, a great restaurant owned by a great friend. I helped a little with planning and David will DJ. The girls are beyond excited!!

All in All

I would say it’s all about my family, work and fun this weekend but that’s every weekend, that’s actually my focus everyday. After a great morning of conferences I’m proud of myself, my husband and especially our girls. Many years ago I made a decision to do it all. My all, my version of doing and having it all. Being an entrepreneur, a professional musician and starting an organization that engages and inspires people, are goals I’ve had since I was a child. However, seeing my girls growing so well, hearing what their teachers, principles and others say about them, fills me with pride and joy. Above everything else my greatest goal has always been to be a good mother, I’d say great mother but I don’t want to place too much pressure on myself😊. To raise children, ultimately  women, that are confident, kind and hardworking would be my greatest achievement and the biggest impact  I could make in this world. My girls are those things and I will continue to encourage and inspire them as they grow. Being a parent is not easy and we know some of the paths we’ve chosen make things a bit harder, but it’s worth some hard days to ensure positive growth and diverse experiences for our girls.  All of their teachers describe them as; well spoken, smart and kind, that is our reward. I feel overjoyed and extremely blessed with our journey thus far.