A Little Thanks…

As soon as November rolls around you start seeing stories of thanks. And rightly so. The Thanksgiving holiday gets us all thinking about family, friends and the blessings we have. Although my husband and I give thanks daily for our family more specifically, our girls, we know there’s an abundance of things we are grateful for in our lives. The small moments of joy and other little things that together create this wonderful life that we’re living. Being grateful is a blessing, it allows you to be happy, content, do for others, and spread joy, all while continuing to work towards improving yourself and fulfilling your dreams.

Sunday morning as the girls, one by one filtered into our bed and we sat there as a family, just chatting and laughing, I thought to myself “it’s special moments like this that make life great.” And what’s even greater? Those moments, for my family, are not an exception, they occur all of the time, and for that, I could not be more grateful. This year, during the month of November, we’re sharing those “little things” day by day, that make our lives great. So, what are we grateful for today?

November 25th

Sofia: CCD because even though we don’t go to a catholic school anymore we can still get our religious education.

Stella: Thanksgiving break. Because daddy’s off for four days! 
Cecelia: My teachers. Because they’re smart and they play with us.
David: A house full of hugs. Because there is nothing better than coming home to so much love and affection from my beautiful girls. Especially after a difficult day. 
ProperLeigh: My work ethic. Because working smart and working hard has brought me the greatest moments of joy, happiness and success. I wouldn’t be a mother of three, wife, businesswoman and musician, all that I have always wanted, if I was afraid of the work it would take. 

November 24th

We’ve been away for a while. We’ve had fun over the last few days but we’ve had some really busy days. The best part about this exercise of gratitude was sitting together and talking about our blessings as a family. Since we couldn’t do that I didn’t post a list. It’s Thanksgiving week! I can’t believe it. We are facing some challenges but as always counting our blessings and feeling a lot of joy. Here’s what we’re grateful for today.

Sofia: For the times when we go out to eat as a family. I enjoy eating together at home but we go out we always have a lot of fun together.
Stella: The weekend. Because I get to spend time with my family.
Cecelia: For Dora. Because she is smart and cute and I’ve always wanted a puppy.
David: For my sense of humor. Because I enjoy making people laugh especially when I can tell they’ve been having a rough day.
ProperLeigh: The support I receive from my friends. I have always had trouble asking for help. I have friends now that just do without me asking, it makes it so much easier.

November 16th

Sofia: My mom created Barrels to Beethoven. Because there are many people in the world that don’t know about the Steelpan and I’m so glad we can teach it to people.

Stella: My two awesome sisters. Because they’re both very nice and very silly.

Cecelia: My pony dolls. Because I like to play with them and Stella likes them too.

David: For my health and physical well being. Because I enjoy physical work and can contribute to all of the amazing things that we do.

ProperLeigh: All the beautiful pieces of art work my girls have brought home over the years. Because it shows me their creativity and the things they care about.

November 15th

Sofia: To my parents for giving me such an interesting and unique life. We get to do so many different things.

Stella: That we go to brunch sometimes after church. We always have fun at the table. I love the restaurant we went to today, Paris 66, I hope we an go back.

Cecelia: That daddy piled up the leaves and we got to jump and play in them. It was so much fun!

David: That we love to do things together as a family, even chores and tasks. It’s make things so much easier and it’s also more fun.

ProperLeigh: Time to rest. I don’t take time to rest and recharge, almost never. This weekend, with the exception of a few hours of work and chores. I took time to rest and really have fun with my family! What I learned? I could probably use a few more days of rest!

November 14th

Sofia: My sewing machine. I can’t wait to get better and better! Soon I’ll start tailoring adult clothes to fit me!

Stella: For my big sister. She hangs out with me and I like having fun with her.

Cecelia: Family day. I like being with my whole family and when mommy say in the back with us it was fun.

David and ProperLeigh: We created opportunities to work together. We don’t spend much time together so we’re grateful to not only support each other creatively, but work on special projects as a team.


November 12/13 (I took a sick day)

Sofia: My mom helped me start a company. I’ve always wanted to have a clothing business. It’s going to be a great experience and hopefully very successful.

Stella: For art my teacher. Because she’s helping us create art to showcase.

Cecelia: My daddy. Because he’s smart and her rubs my back at bedtime when mommy doesn’t rub my back.

David: That I am still a DJ. I love music and djing is my form of creativity. I’m thankful I get the opportunity to entertain and connect with people through music.

ProperLeigh: That the sickness that has consumed our household the last two weeks ended with me. I think I had it worst (partly because I refused to slow down) but at least I was able to care for my family last week.


November 11th

Sofia: I get to do so many cool things with my parents. Like go to cool events and shows. Because it’s fun and I feel really happy.

Stella: Our house. Because I have a place my bed and all of my things and my family there. I love all of that.

Cecelia: Mommy. Because she’s smart.

David: For being a father to three girls. Because they’re caring, considerate and their love makes me feel like a rockstar!

ProperLeigh: For the the pride and self esteem that me, my girls and husband possess. We like who we are. I am so grateful to raise girls that love who they are. I hope that never goes away! Having good self- esteem greatly effects how you act and interact with others.

November 10th

Sofia: Being a big sister. Because I love helping my little sisters teaching them right from wrong and showing them that I’ll always be there for them.

Stella: My school. Because I get to see my friends and learn new things like, multiplication.

Cecelia: My books. Because I love to read (she can’t read yet) and they’re so fun (again, she can’t read yet)

David: The night time wind down with my wife. Because the girls are in bed, the house is quiet and it’s time to regroup.

ProperLeigh: Children that are very caring. I hit my elbow, yelled “ouch” and they all ran into the room to see if I was okay. It’s a great feeling. I know that they will help others in need.

November 9th (Cecelia edition for her birthday)

Sofia: I’m grateful for Cece because there’s never a dull moment.

Stella: Cecelia’s love. Whether I’m happy or sad she always gives me hugs.

Cecelia: The microphone I got from my mommy and daddy for my birthday! Because I love to sing.

David: To have Cece by my side when I’m doing a task. She always wants to help and willing to learn something new.

ProperLeigh: The strength Cece has given me. Because of her, I chose to focus on my dreams.


November 8th

Sofia: I got to see one of my best friends perform this weekend. Because she’s very talented and I want to support her.

Stella: My stuffed animals. Because when I’m scared at night they help me to be brave.

Cecelia: Mommy’s stories that she’s tells me at night. Because they’re good and I love them.

David: I’m grateful for the weekends. That’s when I get to spend time with my family. Even if we’re busy, at least we can be together.

ProperLeigh: To have kids with a great sense of humor. They make us laugh with great humor and wit.


November 7th

Sofia: I’m grateful I got to help my mom with Barrels to Beethoven today. Because I like to help her with her work.

Stella: My mom gives me second chances. Because everybody makes mistakes.

Cecelia: I got to go to my first classmate birthday party today. Because birthday parties are fun!

David: For time with my best friend. Because she also happens to be my wife

ProperLeigh: All of our friends that help us with our girls. Especially those that have helped us during performances or workshops. Taking them for ice cream or to play. Or sitting and chatting with them. It means so much to us. Because being a parent is so difficult, it’s nice to have some help


November 6th

Sofia: My Mom. Today she took care of me when I was sick. I like spending time with her even if I don’t feel well.

Stella: Nonni’s new puppy, Dora. Because I always wanted a dog. I get to help take care of her and she is soooo cute!

Cecelia: My Nonni. Because she takes care of me and I like to be with her.

David: Our children are being raised with two cultures that are rich in tradition, they’re growing up knowing they’re a part of something. Knowing your roots and culture of where you come from helps to build a sense of pride.

ProperLeigh: My strength. I know my girls are watching me. They recognize that I work hard and I don’t give up when facing adversity. They are the same.


November 5th

Sofia: My 6th grade teacher, Mrs.Rawlings, because she taught the students and I many life lessons and she helped me get through math. I got all A’s last year because of her.

Stella: My books. I love reading especially mystery books. I like to solve them.

Cecelia: My new car seat. Because it makes me feel like a big girl.

David: My faith. Because it keeps me grounded and I know that everything and everyone has its purpose.

ProperLeigh: My organization skills. I would not be able to do all that I do and still ensure my girls get everything they need without thIs blessing. Tonight Cece told me that I was really smart because I know everything that everybody has to do. She was really impressed by that.

November 4th

Sofia: That my mom taught me to play the Steelpan, and its in our family.

Stella: My friends . Because I can have a lot of friends. Today my best friend made me laugh so much! She’s really funny.

Cecelia: Painting. Because I like art and I like to create things. I painted a rainbow today.

David: I have an open mind. Because  that allows me to appreciate the differences in people.

ProperLeigh: Moments like tonight. My mother in law made us dinner! I’m so grateful! A delicious meal. No cooking or cleaning and the girls had a marvelous time with their grandparents and the new puppy Dora!


November 3rd

Sofia: My school. There are many girls in the world that can’t go to school

Stella: My school. I like my teachers and my friends and I like to learn new things.

Cecelia: My toys because I like to play with them.

David: A wife that loves and supports me despite my faults.

ProperLeigh: The laughter in my home. I love to laugh. Everybody is funny. My husband is the funniest man I’ve ever known and has been making me laugh from the moment we met. My kids have great comedic timing and a great sense or humor

November 2nd

Sofia: My wardrobe. I have nice clothes and I bought them with my mom. I like spending time with my mom.

Stella: I get to hangout with my family. Because we love spending time together and we have fun.

Cecelia: My School. Because I like my teachers and playing with my friends.

David: To be surrounded by creativity. It’s inspiring.

ProperLeigh: My girls like the Steelpan and music in general. While we were practicing we literally broke into a jam session. My girls are cool. They will be great musicians someday.

November 1st

Sofia: Our home. It’s nice and there are so many children in the world without a home.

Stella: That I’m me. I have a good life. I’m nice. And I’m pretty.

Cecelia: I get to play with Stella. Because I like to be with her.

David: A family that is close. We enjoy spending time together and love to make one another smile

ProperLeigh: A Sunday morning that begins with my family talking and laughing in my bed. Because it’s moments like this that warm my heart.