Six Qualities That We All Need To Be And Be Around This Year 

Last year, even with all of its challenges, was a great year. My girls are growing up beautifully and we could not be a stronger family unit. I found myself making strides with my business, social enterprise and as a musician, that were incredibly encouraging. And to balance it all, I needed more help and support that I have ever needed before and that I feel comfortable admitting. 

I’ve always thought it to be true that the people you hang around with have a huge impact on your life. Whether you know it or not. Whether it’s good or bad. And with, that I know that I owe so much to the people I spent my time with last year. There were some really great moments because of some really incredible people. And in turn, there were some incredibly challenging times due to some not so great people. For the most part, we know the people we should be around. Sometimes we just need a reminder. 

Here are the qualities and traits of the people that had the greatest impact in my life and the qualities and traits that I’m working to always portray. 


It’s extremely hard for me to interact with people I don’t trust. Shady people are usually weak and weak people make me nervous. They’re usually for whoever they’re dealing with at the moment and their biggest priority is themselves. Trustworthy people make you feel at ease. You can count on them. You feel comfortable letting down your guard, sharing ideas and know that the feedback or advice you’re getting is based solely on your best interest. 


This quality is tremendously important for me. Loyal people give you their support and allegiance. It feels so great to be around people that support you whether or not you’re in the room, don’t steal your ideas and inspire others to believe in you.

Hard Worker

I love hard working people. My parents, my husband, my friends. So many people I know just push through day after day. For all different reasons. Some working towards a goal and some just to survive and stay above water. Hard workers keep going and going and don’t even talk about. You can easily determine the hardest working people in your life. They’re not in the same place they were a year ago. And probably helped a few people along the way. They’re making strides and achieving goals. Both big and small.


Creativity is key. New ideas are what change the world. There are so many people that take what already exists and try to copy it. The Creatives of the world make something old greater or bring something new into the world. They make us feel and think. They’re creating great products, they’re musicians, they’re artists, and they are constantly thinking about what’s new, what’s next and making it happen. 


I sometimes could not believe the incredible acts of kindness I witnessed last year, almost mind boggling. I saw many people support one another in ways that were beyond the call of duty of friend or acquaintance. It’s always inspiring to see unexpected kindness in action. Giving your time, your talent and yourself with the expectation of nothing in return. It’s an amazing quality possess.


My life would not be the same without laughter. The people I enjoy spending time with are the ones that make me laugh the most. Funny people are not angry and serious, and they don’t spend a lot of time complaining. Even when times are tough, they are positive and uplifting. They can laugh at themselves and we can laugh at one another. Bringing laughter and joy to others is a great trait and special quality to have. Luckily, I spend a lot of time smiling and laughing (and dancing.)


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