For Martin Luther King Jr. Day…

I am no more inspired to do good on this day than any other. Martin Luther King Jr. was is an inspiration. I’ve read his speeches and watched every biography. I am always and forever moved by his words and conviction. It’s difficult to see the world the way he did. I work, pray and hope for the dreams he had to come to pass. It’s daily work. Every day work. Not just once a year. 

My dream for this day, and every day going forward is that we can get to the root of the issue and we are all honest with where we stand as a nation of people. I hope that all people will take an active role in obtaining the “dream”, recognizing the positive, infinite impact overcoming will have on our society. I pray that white Americans can look at their everyday interactions (or lack there of) with people of color and recognize their personal challenges with diversity. It’s not a grand idea, but recognizing how you speak to, empathize with, react to, and interact with people of color hugely impacts the change we all wish to see. I will work towards creating the world for my children that Martin Luther King Jr. saught for his own. Where they will only be judged by the content of their character.
Happy #MLKDay