It’s Time For A Little Spring Cleaning…For Your Business!

As we get our minds and bodies used to the change in time and ready for spring. Most of us start thinking about change. Cleaning out closets, preparing the yard for spring, and planning for summer. That same way of thinking should be in the minds of business owners and leaders. What needs to change? How can I prepare my business, my team for Q2? Here’s where you can start. 

1.) Review your goals and mission statement.
Before you start making changes. Look back at the mission of your organization and goals set for 2016. Are you on track? It’s really important that every decision you make correlate to the goals you’ve set to achieve.

2.) Analyze your team.
This is the time to look at performance. You may love your team but do they work for you? Do their strengths and priorities align with you mission? Determine what behaviors and traits are helping your organization to succeed and what needs to change. Prepare performance reviews, schedule individual conversations and check in. This is also a good time to determine who needs to go, and that’s ok too. 

3.) Clean up.
Winter brings more than cold temps and snow, it brings dirt and grime. I’ve visited several restaurants, boutiques and offices that could use a big clean up and scrub down. And don’t forget the bathroom, you can tell a lot about a business or organization by how well that area is kept.

4.) Get organized.
Spend a day reorganizing. If you need more than a day, you may need some new systems or processes. Nothing says spring like reorganizing. Just like your home, it’s important to keep your office and workspaces well organized. This will certainly increase productivity.

5.) Set new short terms goals.
You have your Mission Statement and you’ve set your goals for 2016. Now break it down even more. What does Q2 look like? What are your revenue goals? Customer outreach goals? Performance goals? Etc. 

Once you’ve reviewed your mission and goals for 2016, analyzed your team, cleaned up, organized, and set new goals…it’s time to implement. And keep in mind a critical element for success…the daily work must reflect the goal. In other words, what you do, how you do it and what you focus on daily must align with the goals and expectations of your organization.