My Incredibly “Busy” Pittsburgh Weekend… Planned


I’ll be working from home all day. Completing tasks and creating timelines for No Crayon Left Behind, StyleWeek Pittsburgh and Barrels to Beethoven. I have a hefty to do list but I’m sure I’ll get it done. Can someone just remind me to stop and eat?! 

Friday Night is where the fun begins. I’m going to start the evening at the Gallery Crawl. My husband David is djing at SPACE gallery so I’m going to stop by for musical inspiration! Next, I’ll be heading to Alpha Lab for the kickoff of Startup Weekend Women. I love the Startup Weekend events and looking forward to the first women focused event. After that I’ll go back downtown to check out the night market and join David at Tako where he’ll be spinning until 1am. I’ll hopefully have an amazing cocktail in my hand by this point in the evening.


Saturday morning as with many families is all about kids activities. So we’ll start with dance and acting class at Alloy Studios. After lunch we head to Zeffiro Art Studio for the open studio event. My friend Sarah, is an amazing artist. The girls are looking forward to making some art! Saturday evening I’ll be heading to ATC World, a fundraiser for Alumni Theatre Company. I love this organization and the work they do around musical theatre and performance with kids.  

Sunday morning as always is for church. This Sunday I’ll be on my own. Just me and the girls. Oh the hair! We’re still celebrating lent and preparing for Easter, Sunday’s mass is important because it’s the beginning of Holy Week. Palm Sunday. If you can have a “favorite” mass, this would be near the top of my list. After Christmas Eve. 

After mass we’ll head downtown to Meat and Potatoes for DJ brunch featuring… You guessed it, David. Aka my husband. Aka DJ illeso. The girls will be excited to see their daddy at work. 

Once David is done we’ll head over to Squirrel Hill for the Purim Festival where my band Rhythm ‘n’ Steel will perform to kick off the festivities!  It’s our first gig in over a month! I’m excited to perform with my bandmates.

After the show, depending on our state of mind and exhaustion level, we may or may not head over to the Ace Hotel for the Spring Market, for local makers. I like to support local artisans and this looks like a great event. Plus I just love this place!

The weekend will end at Startup Weekend’s final pitches event. All of the selected ideas from Friday will have become actual products/companies by Sunday. Now it’s time for the final pitch and the winners will be selected. 

Monday starts spring break! I’m really looking forward to having my girls with me 24/7 for the next two weeks…😁

All in All…

I remember when there was literally one event in Pittsburgh at a time. If you missed it…sucks to be you. Now there are so many events you just have to choose and hope you make the right decision. Although nowadays, you have a great chance of having a great time no matter what. There’s always lots to do.

Although I I used it in the title, I kinda hate the word busy. I see it as just living life. We’ve all chosen to live a certain way. Have certain jobs. Have a child or two. And, all of those choices have responsibilities and unique logistics. When people tell me I’m busy, I feel strange. Although at this particular moment, me and my husband are on the  borderline of exhaustion and up to our chins in work, we’re not quite drowning. In fact, most of our conversations (when we get to have conversations) consist of ways for us to do even more. Be more. Do better. Be better.

Wondering how we got here? About three years ago we made a decision. We decided to try to do all of the things we love and are passionate about. If we could succeed doing what we loved we knew that would be the ultimate achievement for us. So we dived in, head first. First we focused more on our consulting business, then we launched The Boarding School and began working on Barrels to Beethoven. All while David began taking more DJ gigs and I started a new band. I’m not going to lie, the struggle is real, our lives are much different, very hard at times. But hard doesn’t mean bad and now? There is a joy in my heart that transcends any vision of happiness I could have imaged. I just feel good. My husband feels good and my children feel good. I’m beyond proud of my accomplishments as a mother, an entrepreneur, a musician and what I give back to the community. I am not doing what I love, I’m being who I love, and it’s amazing. I don’t feel busy, I feel extremely blessed.