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Make America Great…For All

It’s Inauguration Day. I feel so incredibly sad today. More sad than I anticipated. This morning I hugged my daughters extra tight before they went to school and my husband came upstairs three times to give me extra hugs and kisses. I guess he knew I’d need it today.  

What Happened?

Thinking back to last year. There are so many things that bewildered me throughout the election. I kept waiting for that thing to happen, you know that one thing that would finally make people say “no, that’s it, he cannot be president, we are better than this,” but that moment never happened. Instead, we elected someone who is mediocre, ignorant and delusional. Instead of elevating the standards, we accepted way less than we deserved. Maybe we had no choice. 

America’s 45th President represents the type of American I have spent most of my life trying to avoid but being unable to; the ignorant, what about me, better than everyone elsestep on you to get ahead, I should get just because, loudill mannered…etc. etc. etc.

What’s to Come?

I believe there will come a time when we will collectively expect more for ourselves and our country. Where we will seek great men and women to lead us and they will have the be the very best; decent and responsible with strong values, high intellect and compassion. 

What Changes For Me?

Nothing. I have always worked hard. Maybe, I’ll be working a little harder. I give my time and money to causes that support children. I advocate for diversity and inclusion. I support entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, the people who work the hardest and have built our country. I support women and minorities and those who have to work harder to achieve. I am kind and confident and treat others well. I am surrounded by diverse people with varying backgrounds and learn from their knowledge and experiences. I give to those who ask and listen to those who need to be heard. I am a woman of strong faith which gives me the strength and power I need to overcome. 
It’s Inauguration Day.