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My Weekend…Planned

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not that I haven’t been writing over the lasts few months, I’ve written a ton. With all that’s happening in our country and around the world, writing is all I could do. Not for others but for myself. It’s the best way for me to release and makes sense of what I experience. 

However, this morning before my husband left for work he kissed me and asked “are you ready for a great weekend?” I am, and I want to share it. 


Today started out kind of relaxing. Breakfast with the girls, a little cleaning but I’m taking it easy. My idea of easy may be a little twisted but I’ll take it. 

This morning I’ll be checking off my to do list in preparation for our event tonight. My Makers and Music event is in partnership with Style Week Pittsburgh and Social Status Boutique. We’re gathering to celebrate some of our city’s most creative people. It started with a photoshoot and a great group of people. The incredible photographer Juan Carlos Silva, made everyone feel great and look great. Now we get to see the images, celebrate the group and learn more about what they do. 

After the happy hour event and clean up, 😩 I’m going to head over to Tako for a margarita and a song. David is spinning there until 1am. I might stay for a late night taco too. 


No Saturday morning commitments = big (Belgium) waffles, bacon and maybe a mimosa. AKA…My favorite breakfast. David makes the most amazing waffles with help from Stella and Cece, while I prepare the mixed berries and Sofia sets a “fancy” table as she calls it. I love these mornings with my family. 

Saturday afternoon we are back to our weekly historic landmark search. Stella’s idea has become one of our favorite activities this summer. We’ve had so much fun and the girls (and their parents) have learned a lot about Pittsburgh. We know…#NerdAlert

Saturday evening another great event! My band Rhyhm ‘n’ Steel will be performing at Musicalidades, David will also DJ the event. A fundraising event hosted by Our Rhythm a project by my new friends Gabriel, Lucas and Cat. Our Rhythm will be a documentary film telling the stories of  7 musicians around the world. I am happy to support such a wonderful project but even happier to support such great people. 


We are definitely sleeping in on Sunday. Mass at noon will be a great way to reflect on the past week and prepare for the week ahead. Although my faith is not based on just going to church. I like the gathering, singing in unison, listening to our priest and thinking about ways I can do and be better. 

All in All

We’re going to have a typical Pugliano Family weekend action packed and fun. I have always been stuck between being  afraid of all that’s bad in the world and how it impacts my family and creating an amazing life for my girls, free of the worry and the sadness I feel. It’s so difficult but I look at them and I know I’m doing well. It’s more important for them to feel loved than anything else. And they do. Not to sound corny but love is the key. First self love. Knowing yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself and improving yourself. Then loving others. Being empathetic, supportive and kind, to all. That will go such a long way. Try and see. 

My Weekend Planned….


Friday morning will be spent with girls working from home anticipating the end to a very hectic work week. The afternoon has been deemed “girl time” and we’ll be doing nails, enjoying lunch and spending some time together. Friday evening will begin with a stroll through downtown Pittsburgh for the Gallery Crawl. I love attending this event. From music to art and performance, there is so much to experience and always something new offered. I’ve been surrounded by the arts and creative people for the past few months and I couldn’t me more happy about it. Those who create are such an inspiration. it leaves me always wanting more.The evening will end with a drink at my new favorite spot, Tako. Where my favorite dj, aka dj illeso, aka David Pugliano aka my husband will have you moving in your seat to the very best music. A creative in his own right, he claims to not be a musician as I am, but somehow knows and feels the music as if he was playing it off of the sheet.



Saturday morning will start with yoga, although this will be my second class ever, I’m excited to join my new friend and yoga instructor, Cara for a pop up yoga class at James Simon Sculptor Studio. What an incredible space to host a yoga class. My first yoga experience occurred a few months ago with Cara when we hosted pop up yoga class at fieldwork contemporary. That class kept me feeling calm and strong for the remainder of the day. I know the many benefits of yoga and I know my body, mind and spirit need it. I’m eager to try it again before diving in for regular sessions.

The afternoon will be a delight. I’m teaching a Saturday afternoon steelpan class through my organization, Barrels to Beethoven. These students are doing so well and teaching steelpan brings me deep joy and satisfaction. I’m hoping to offer free Saturday classes in the fall. Let’s just hope the funding organizations get hip to how amazing the steelpan is and how beneficial these programs are for youth.

Saturday evening is all about my family. I’m planning a picnic dinner in the park. A delicious menu, fun desserts and spending time outside as a family, our favorite things to do in the summertime.


this Sunday bringing it back to normal. We haven’t had a typical Sunday in a long time. Church, for us, is the best way to start our day and our week. Followed by brunch and a trip to the pool, if the girls get their way!

All in All…

This weekend will hopefully leave me feeling, relaxed and inspired. In spending time with a friend a great artist and yoga instructor, I’m learning about the importance of rest, both for your body and mind. Taking time to rest leads to more productivity and improved creative process. I am so used to working hard all of the day, rarely stopping to eat, rest and reenergize. I am learning to set aside regular time to do so. Whether its yoga or mediation, or making time to simply rest. I want to do this because I know it will have a direct positive impact on my family, my work and my creative endeavors. Taking care will increase my ability to do more. So many speak of how busy they are like it’s some sort of achievement. I’m not busy, I don’t talk about being busy. For me, I am successfully managing all aspects of my life. Starting with my children and my family and all that comes with that. My life’s work.

My Weekend…Planned

B2B2 (3)


I’ll spend the day working at home with my girls. Tonight, I get to do one of my favorite things…practice. I love to play my steelpan and rehearsing alone is great but band rehearsal is even better. I sometimes feel guilty, music makes me feel so amazing, at my last gig, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It’s an unbelievable feeling and I am so thankful music is a part of my life. This will be somewhat of an untraditional band practice, wine and live painting will be included thanks to my amazing new friend and artist, Sarah, whom I’ve now connected with in so many ways, but began our relationship through our love of music and art, an incredible foundation to build upon.


Saturday morning I’m hosting an open house and information session for my organization, Barrels to Beethoven. I’ve taken on a mission and I know…I don’t have to do this but, I have to this. Barrels to Beethoven is my contribution to the sustainment of an instrument that has empowered me, educated me and helped to craft the person that I am. The steelpan. More importantly the steelpans developed by my father.

My organization is focused on developing steelpan programs that expose young people to the benefits of the steelpan and arts education, inspire a new generation of steelpan makers, and create a focus around innovative ways to sustain the instrument. I need the steelpan to be around forever, this is how I can do my part.

Saturday evening is a whole different story. My band is on the bill for PRIDE sharing the stage with Nick Jonas. Some of you may or may not know or like, this particular pop star, but in my house, with three young girls, I’m the absolute coolest mother ever! I’m looking forward to playing a great show with my band then enjoying the evening with friends.


The Sunday morning routine will change a little, an early afternoon bridal shower for my nephews’ Bride-to-Be is the focus. I LOVE, love. Celebrating the special moments of others is both a joy and a privilege. This young couple, just like all married couples, needs the love and support of all around them, and we’re happy to be there to support, in any way we can. We sometimes forget marriage needs support from both within and outside. The girls and I are looking forward to celebrating with the beautiful Bride-to-Be.

Sunday evening brings another fun gig. My band will be closing out the weekend at the Arts Festival with another performance downtown. Looking forward to performing for the crowd, I always love meeting people that are hearing the band or seeing the steelpan or a steelband for the first time.

This weekend is all about Music, Community, and Love. What could possibly be better than that? I know my view of the world may be bit different than most. I see beauty in almost everything. I’m inspired by so many things and so many people. I am inclined to help others. I give my time when it’s required. I am never the same, constantly learning and growing and changing. Community, gathering with others, collaboration, discussion…all of these things create joy. I’m inspired to be and do. Not just be.