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My Weekend…Planned

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not that I haven’t been writing over the lasts few months, I’ve written a ton. With all that’s happening in our country and around the world, writing is all I could do. Not for others but for myself. It’s the best way for me to release and makes sense of what I experience. 

However, this morning before my husband left for work he kissed me and asked “are you ready for a great weekend?” I am, and I want to share it. 


Today started out kind of relaxing. Breakfast with the girls, a little cleaning but I’m taking it easy. My idea of easy may be a little twisted but I’ll take it. 

This morning I’ll be checking off my to do list in preparation for our event tonight. My Makers and Music event is in partnership with Style Week Pittsburgh and Social Status Boutique. We’re gathering to celebrate some of our city’s most creative people. It started with a photoshoot and a great group of people. The incredible photographer Juan Carlos Silva, made everyone feel great and look great. Now we get to see the images, celebrate the group and learn more about what they do. 

After the happy hour event and clean up, 😩 I’m going to head over to Tako for a margarita and a song. David is spinning there until 1am. I might stay for a late night taco too. 


No Saturday morning commitments = big (Belgium) waffles, bacon and maybe a mimosa. AKA…My favorite breakfast. David makes the most amazing waffles with help from Stella and Cece, while I prepare the mixed berries and Sofia sets a “fancy” table as she calls it. I love these mornings with my family. 

Saturday afternoon we are back to our weekly historic landmark search. Stella’s idea has become one of our favorite activities this summer. We’ve had so much fun and the girls (and their parents) have learned a lot about Pittsburgh. We know…#NerdAlert

Saturday evening another great event! My band Rhyhm ‘n’ Steel will be performing at Musicalidades, David will also DJ the event. A fundraising event hosted by Our Rhythm a project by my new friends Gabriel, Lucas and Cat. Our Rhythm will be a documentary film telling the stories of  7 musicians around the world. I am happy to support such a wonderful project but even happier to support such great people. 


We are definitely sleeping in on Sunday. Mass at noon will be a great way to reflect on the past week and prepare for the week ahead. Although my faith is not based on just going to church. I like the gathering, singing in unison, listening to our priest and thinking about ways I can do and be better. 

All in All

We’re going to have a typical Pugliano Family weekend action packed and fun. I have always been stuck between being  afraid of all that’s bad in the world and how it impacts my family and creating an amazing life for my girls, free of the worry and the sadness I feel. It’s so difficult but I look at them and I know I’m doing well. It’s more important for them to feel loved than anything else. And they do. Not to sound corny but love is the key. First self love. Knowing yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself and improving yourself. Then loving others. Being empathetic, supportive and kind, to all. That will go such a long way. Try and see. 

My Mothers Day Weekend…Planned

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a well planned, busy weekend. Mothers Day weekend seems to be a good time to return. This weekend is busy but will surely be a great time.


I’m spending the day with my younger girls working at the gallery. It’s getting easier everyday to work with Cece but having her big sister here day makes for an easier time. Still hard to get things done but easier none the less.

I’m really looking forward to the evening. A night filled with live music and art at the gallery. Even better? My good friends will be in town and joining us. David and I will be kid-free and ready for a fun night with some of our favorite people.


This day still remains the busiest of the week. Stella and Cece’s dance classes have ended but Sofia will continue for a few more weeks. No sleeping in for us. Class starts at 9am.

The afternoon brings another fun event at the gallery. To me, it’s so important that children not only experience the arts but have the opportunity to create. The amazing artist and educator that I’m working with feels the same. She’ll be leading children and their parents through a fun afternoon workshop entitled; Art with the Artist | What do you see? We are all looking forward to this!

Saturday evening I’ll be attending another gallery opening. So excited to see the space at Studio AM and I love being amongst amazing art and creative people.


Mothers Day! I get very excited for Mothers Day. Not just because I’m a mother but because we’re celebrating mothers and motherhood. We deserve that. I have something special planned for my momma and I know David and the girls have something special planned for me. We’ll start the day with Sunday mass, hopefully skip brunch (I know, I love brunch, but David’s meals have been amazing lately, much better than eating out) and head down to the Neighborhood Flea fun event with vendors, cool food and music. I also have a feeling there’s a picnic in my future… if it doesn’t rain. No matter what, I’m going to enjoy the day with my family.

I’m a mother. I’m not telling you. I’m telling myself. I say it often not in sadness but with joy and a bit of disbelief. I am so very blessed to have my children I often can’t believe I have the privilege of raising 3 amazing, beautiful little girls. They say being a mother is not easy, but in a way it is. Or, maybe I just don’t think of it as easy or hard. It’s just not a choice. Although I thoroughly love my work, nothing compares to my role as a mother and so I treat it as such. I take full responsibility for everything my children do and don’t do. Know and don’t know. Experience and don’t experience. I’m raising people. Young people who will one day be adult people. I have always understand that children experience  impacts their life. Either positively or negatively. I try to choose wisely. I have worked very hard at giving my children what I consider “a good life”, teaching them new things, engaging with them as people trying to instill confidence and expanding their horizons. Sometimes that means late nights of planning, a family calendar of activities from tennis to theatre and reminders in my phone that say things like “teach Cece to write her name today.”

I will never stop trying to be a better mother, which means I’ll never stop trying to be a better person. I know for many people change is not easy. But it’s so necessary. I can recognize a shortcoming within myself and focus on being better.  It’s not always easy and I’m not always successful, but I do it for my girls. I better myself daily to be better for them. I’m a mother.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…


One of the things I love most about being a mom of three young girls is watching the interaction they have with one another. It’s more than having someone to play with. They truly show care and concern for each other, laugh together and share special moments that only sisters can share. It’s a blessing to witness. Watching their interaction often makes me think of growing up with my sisters. I’m lucky to witness what my mother witnessed as she watched us grow together. I love the similarities. In honor of of National Sibling Day I’m sharing some great things my girls do that remind me of growing up with my sisters.

They Love Musicals

Whether it’s the Sound of Music or one of the unforgettable songs from Frozen my girls know them all and thanks to Pandora, we can belt out the lyrics to our favorite show tunes or musical movies every morning on the way to school.

They Can and Will Perform For You

They don’t just love musicals they love to sing and dance. And, will do a show. Just sit, watch and applaud at the end.

They Can Have a Dance Party Anytime, Anywhere

It takes a special soul to literally get up and dance at any moment, I have three of those special souls. My girls will ask to get up from the dinner table to dance to a great song or better yet, if someone yells “dance party!” you’ll hear footsteps running from all parts of the house to join in. Same goes if you yell “group hug!”

They’ll Make Up Games

My sisters and I made up a lot of games as kids. I thought it was a West Indian trait but according to my husband, it’s an Italian trait as well. My girls have no problems making up games like wagon ball, where you try to shoot the ball in the little red wagon.

They’ll Change Or Make Up Song Lyrics That Correspond To The Current Situation

This takes true skill. Very cool.

They Play Music Together

This is truly a blessing to watch. Not only are they becoming actual musicians like my sisters and I were as children, but they’re performing together, in their own band, just like we did. Not many children experience this. I’ve performed with my sisters professionally since I was 9. Being a young musician is the most amazing thing but performing with my sisters was the very best part.