Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…


One of the things I love most about being a mom of three young girls is watching the interaction they have with one another. It’s more than having someone to play with. They truly show care and concern for each other, laugh together and share special moments that only sisters can share. It’s a blessing to witness. Watching their interaction often makes me think of growing up with my sisters. I’m lucky to witness what my mother witnessed as she watched us grow together. I love the similarities. In honor of of National Sibling Day I’m sharing some great things my girls do that remind me of growing up with my sisters.

They Love Musicals

Whether it’s the Sound of Music or one of the unforgettable songs from Frozen my girls know them all and thanks to Pandora, we can belt out the lyrics to our favorite show tunes or musical movies every morning on the way to school.

They Can and Will Perform For You

They don’t just love musicals they love to sing and dance. And, will do a show. Just sit, watch and applaud at the end.

They Can Have a Dance Party Anytime, Anywhere

It takes a special soul to literally get up and dance at any moment, I have three of those special souls. My girls will ask to get up from the dinner table to dance to a great song or better yet, if someone yells “dance party!” you’ll hear footsteps running from all parts of the house to join in. Same goes if you yell “group hug!”

They’ll Make Up Games

My sisters and I made up a lot of games as kids. I thought it was a West Indian trait but according to my husband, it’s an Italian trait as well. My girls have no problems making up games like wagon ball, where you try to shoot the ball in the little red wagon.

They’ll Change Or Make Up Song Lyrics That Correspond To The Current Situation

This takes true skill. Very cool.

They Play Music Together

This is truly a blessing to watch. Not only are they becoming actual musicians like my sisters and I were as children, but they’re performing together, in their own band, just like we did. Not many children experience this. I’ve performed with my sisters professionally since I was 9. Being a young musician is the most amazing thing but performing with my sisters was the very best part.