Should You Weigh In? Probably Not.

I cannot have conversations with ignorant people about racism, diversity and injustice. Nor can I stand their ignorant comments all over my Facebook feed. Although I love a good debate, there are too many feelings and opinions involved and not enough facts. So, to make it easy, here are some things to consider that will help determine whether or not you should speak out, post on social media or take part in conversations public, private or on television.

Speak out if…
1. You are black and have a decent understanding of the facts.
2. You are not black but have a close relationship with black people. 
3. You get your news from multiple sources not just your go to, biased source.
4. You are focused on improvement and change.
5. You recognize and admit there are huge issues around race and diversity in this country.
6. You are well versed in history, especially American history, especially black history. Not what was taught in school, but you have taken time to read, study and reflect. 

7. You want to make real change and will actively participate in that change. 

The history of black people in this country cannot be covered in a month and is not pretty or for the faint of heart. I study American history because I want to know and understand. 

If you can’t check these boxes you’re not helping. If you’re not helping, you’re the problem.

You’re welcome.